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In 2011 Victrex entered the pipes business. Pipes extruded from the high performance polymer were targeted for use in harsh environments such as oil and gas, aerospace and other industries. As a materials manufacturer marketing an end-use product was new territory and presented numerous challenges for the business. Rather than go it alone Victrex collaborated to focus on the development of next generation solutions for deep water transfer of subsea oil and gas. Victrex had expertise in the manufacture of its PEEK polymer and its partner had knowledge of the market together they would develop a cutting edge technology. The launch entailed numerous communications components as the business was being built from the ground up as an extension of Victrex core capability. The target audience for VICTREX Pipes was clearly defined and focused so no launch event was held. The product was introduced at a leading industry tradeshow OTC in Houston, Texas in May 2011. Joint marketing entailed a press release, technical presentation and literature and the two companies coordinated exhibits at the event to ensure consistent messaging about the material and application. To prepare for the launch the naming and branding of the product was required. Once complete, comprehensive marketing materials were created including an innovative brochure, a uniquely designed sample kit to showcase the pipes, datasheets and an eye-catching display stand for use at events. To ensure protection of the brand and IP extensive trademarks and patents were filed on a global basis.

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