Marketing/PR for artist B.J. Faulkner

  • BJF Brochure
  • BJF Direct mail post card
  • BJF ad and website
In 1996 artist B.J. Faulkner established her flagship gallery in Lenox, Mass. A substantial marketing effort was required to set up the new business and broaden her reach as an artist. The effort entailed branding, signage, a website, marketing materials, direct marketing and publicity. The gallery represented the artist’s original artwork but also served to showcase a series of reproductions. Oversaw production of the reproductions and created a digital archive of the artwork portfolio. A public relations campaign was launched which secured feature coverage in industry trades along with articles and advertising in numerous publications to draw clients and prospective collectors. Designed and managed strategic direct marketing campaign programs.

B.J. Faulkner Gallery

Branding, advertising, public relations, literature, direct mail, events, direct sales, website, artwork reproduction, digital archiving