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Radical Plastics, Inc. is a woman-owned startup business in the cleantech space. Co-founded by Dr. Yelena Kann and Kristin Taylor, the company has a game-changing solution to plastic pollution. Veterans of the plastics industry, the founders are well-aware of the impact these materials have on the environment and they are focused on creating a better and more sustainable solution. They are providing a drop-in replacement for conventional plastics that is economical, recyclable and fully biodegradable. Radical Plastics has developed a patented technology that blends conventional plastics with a proprietary, naturally occurring catalyst. When properly compounded, this catalyst can render regular plastics biodegradable in the natural environment. Items made from the Radical Plastics compound perform just like traditional plastics. But if they end up in the environment, the free radical catalyst converts the plastic into a material that microbes recognize as food. This allows them to metabolize the material turning it into biomass, CO2 and water. Radical Plastics compounds biodegrade fully in the environment leaving no residue, no toxic substances and no microplastics. Field trials of mulch film using Radical Plastics patented technology are in progress. The commercial launch of the mulch films used in agriculture is slated for early 2022. These films function just like conventional mulch, but at the end of the growing season, they can be tilled into the soil where they fully biodegrade leaving no residue, no toxic substances and no microplastics.

Radical Plastics

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