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In 2022 Aquapak Polymers, a leading specialty polymers business, was preparing for a substantial round of financing. In order to present the business professionally and in a compelling way they required a website refresh. A former client in the plastics space thought my background in plastic films was a good fit for their business and invited me to join the team leading the website initiative. Working with another UK-based agency I collaborated on new Messaging and the website design and development. Originally, I was contracted as a consultant and another London-based agency was going to lead the website build. After extensive planning it was determined that the web team was going to exceed the company’s budget and take things too far in a Branding direction. As such they were removed from the creative team. I suggested B.brand take over the web design and development and assume a leadership role. The result, a new highly improved and optimized website was launched in just over two months and on budget. Having extensive experience building websites for plastics companies and being familiar with the technology we were able to be efficient. Timing was critical as the client required us to launch the site in time to commence their round of financing. They prepared a pitch deck in tandem with the website build. The CEO required alignment of messaging and design to be in sync which required a large amount of coordination and flexibility in the development of the website. The new site was built to communicate the companies’ capabilities to both a non-technical and science-based audience. The site is modern, mobile-friendly and rich with eye-catching elements as well as being effective at presenting technical data. The website strongly positions the company as helping to accelerate the transition to the Circular Economy.


Messaging, Website design and development