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Amelia C. Burkhart is a veteran communications professional with over 30 years of experience in B2B Marketing. She is the Founder of b.brand agency, a boutique strategic communications consulting firm. Her track record of success in building brands and helping drive growth for industry-leading global businesses is substantial. Having both corporate and agency experience, she has managed numerous product launches, created successful brands, and led public relations campaigns on a global basis. Combining creative expertise with business savvy, Burkhart provides best-in-class, strategic marketing communications.

With an emphasis on Digital Marketing and Social Media, Burkhart assists clients with branding, website design and development, event management, and public relations to build awareness and generate high-quality leads to achieve new levels of growth. An expert in promoting premium, high-value products, and services, she develops and manages integrated cross-channel promotions tailored to target audiences in diverse segments.

B.brand Agency has a scalable team of network professionals with industry-leading capabilities and distinct expertise. We provide customized teams or offer individual consultation aligned to your budget and business requirements.

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