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To diversify its product portfolio and expand its manufacturing capabilities SWM, a provider of highly engineered solutions and advanced materials, made a series of strategic acquisitions. Key acquisitions included DelStar Technologies, Argotec LLC and Conwed Plastics. The purchase of Argotec, a global leader in the production of thermoplastic polyurethane film and sheet, was done in October 2015. At the time, we managed the Argotec website, Digital Marketing and Social Media. The Marketing activities we managed contributed to the success of the business, which sold for $280M in cash. Based on positive feedback from the Argotec Management team, the acting SWM Director of Communications moved our contract to the Corporate level and we expanded our services and support to cover the newly expanded SWM enterprise.

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Under our new SWM contract, we were contracted to work with the leading web agency and the key contacts at the acquired companies to oversee the redesign of the new SWM website, which needed to reflect the comprehensive new business offerings. We represented Argotec to ensure the proper positioning of its range of high-performance thermoplastic polyurethane film and sheet. Our agency played a pivotal role in the web project.

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We worked closely with the internal stakeholders, SWM, and the web development team to design and develop a robust website infrastructure that would serve the needs of the diverse businesses and complex range of products. The result, a dynamic, content-rich website with cutting-edge functionality. It is a primary lead generation platform and resource for a variety of audiences, including customers, media and prospects.

SWM required significant support in social media to merge the acquired business cross-channel profiles. LinkedIn was a particular challenge – due to its restrictions. We led a campaign to get the acquired business followers and employees to move to the SWM Intl. company page, which had 3740 followers. Today, it has over 20K. The effort was a success, but it took a lot of creative tactics and communications to achieve the desired outcome.

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